What Is this?

Common Sense and Whiskey is a longtime Wordpress blog, now on Substack. I try to deliver sharp, intelligent thinking on current events, accompanied by tweets @BillMurrayWriter. I write once a week about off-the-beaten-track travel destinations. CS&W started as a travel blog (see my bio below).

What happens here?

Generally I’ll post two or three times a week, like this:

Tuesday, a travel essay.

Saturday, a weekly survey of what happened in the world this week.

At random, ‘where in the world’ photo quizzes & links to recommended reading.

Who is this guy?

I'm Bill Murray, travel writer, photographer and occasionally insightful observer of the world out there. I contribute a monthly column to 3QuarksDaily.com. I curate EarthPhotos.com, a collection of 20,000 photos from 100+ countries and I maintain a list of 200 experts on Russia’s War on Ukraine with over 2,000 followers. I tweet as @BillMurrayWriter. I live in Atlanta and my wife and I spend summers on Lake Saimaa in southeastern Finland.

I’m author of four travel books: Common Sense and Whiskey (2011), Visiting Chernobyl (2013), Out in the Cold (2017) and Out There (2021). CS&W started online in 2011 as accompaniment to my books, first on Typepad, then on Wordpress, and now it blooms as a new and improved newsletter on Substack. CS&W on Substack is a one year experiment from early 2023.

Most content on CS&W is free. If you like what you’re reading, please think of yourself as the patron of a good cause by subscribing at five dollars a month, or at whatever level feels right for you. Early subscribers get 20% off through March, 2023.

Please recommend CS&W to friends. Say something nice on Twitter and I’ll be sure to retweet it. Email me anytime about anything. If you’d like to communicate in real time, the best time to catch me in the office is from 10:00 to noon US eastern time. Talk to me. This is an all new project. It’ll be more fun if you contribute. Thanks for reading, and thanks for your time.

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The world as it is


Travel writer, author, four books. Atlanta & Finland. Twitter @BMurrayWriter. Check out Common Sense & Whiskey at http://csandw.substack.com and my Ukraine News list comprised of experts on the war, https://twitter.com/i/lists/1467909429534380034